Sweet Dreams Coachella…

6 months ago I decided that me and a couple of friends were going to attend Coachella this year for the very first time. After months of rumors about who was going to perform at the 3 day festival and in January the line-up was announced and one of the headliners that overshadowed everyone by a mile was Beyonce. The queen of pop music and one of the top performers world-wide. 1 month later she announces she pregnant with twins and I am in the position where I am at now.

After months of saving and excitement I was finally able to purchase my ticket for the event. I have no problem admitting that I spent an arm and a leg in order to attend Coachella and the reason for that ticket being sold at an inflated price was the fact that Beyonce was going to be one of the headliners. I have never been this biggest fan of Beyonce and her music, but with that being said I respect was she does and has accomplished which led me to be low-key excited to see her.

I purchased my ticket on Wednesday and the exact next day as if God was like, “Hey you like jokes?” Beyonce decides to pull out of Coachella. The performer who caused my ticket to be inflated in order to see performers I wanted to see is now backing out of the event because she got pregnant with twins. Now my hate for Beyonce has never been higher, but I am not as mad as you would think. There are a list of artist at this years festival that I am hoping to make up for the lose money I suffered and many others have.

I will be writing an article in the coming days about the artists I am most anxious to see at Coachella, but here are a list of top billed artists still performing at the event; Travis Scott, Mac Miller, Martin Garrix, Marshmello, DJ Khaled, ScHoolBoy Q, and day 3 headliner King Kendrick Lamar to name a few. Although I can’t say for sure if this lineup will make for the amount of money I paid for my ticket on paper, once I get to Coachella I am going to make sure I get my moneys worth out of experience and pure fun. With the omission of Beyonce from this years festival and by the way she is going to be the headliner for next years event, because of course, this years lineup is still stacked with musical acts that honestly outshine what Beyonce does. There is also one more thing that has me excited about this years event.

I am excited by the rumors of who will now replace a soon to be bed-ridden Beyonce for this years festival. Rumors are swirling anywhere from Rihanna to Lady Gaga to Kanye West to Adele which leads us to believe that with the massive hole of Beyonce backing out the promoters need to find someone quick ad massive in order to fill it. One name floating around that is most likely to fill in is the duo of Daft Punk the EDM, robot helmet wearing hit makers. They haven’t performer at the event since 2006 which is widely considered one of the greatest sets in the event history. Vegas odds makers have decided to place odds on who will replace Beyonce and it has Daft Punk at 3/1 followed by Jay Z at 5/1 with Kanye West and Lady Gaga close behind both at 7/1. It should be a very exciting next couple of months with all the rumors going around about who will replace ticket inflating, baby having, over-hyped Queen of the Beyhive Beyonce. But as you can see I am not that bitter.




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