The Valentines Playlist…

Today is Valentines Day so I decided to do a list of 10 songs that will get the Valentines mood flowing for those who have someone in their life and those who are just trying to do someone in their life. Hopefully these songs will be able to let that special someone know just how much love you have for them and they will reciprocate it in the process.

“Bliss” by John Legend & Teyana Taylor – Cruel Summer

Bliss is a beautiful harmonization of voices between John Legend and Teyana Taylor where they both go back and forth about how much love the subjects of the song have for each other. The song is perfectly titled and that’s evident when John Legend hits his high note to start the 2nd verse.

“Best One” by NxWorries – Yes Lawd!

At the beginning of this grainy, soulful 70s sounding track from the duo of Anderson .Paak and Knxwledge’s debut album Yes Lawd! you can’t help have a smile come across your face when that bass as if you can feel the love from the get go. With lyrics like “You fix a nigga cheese, grits and cornbread” and “You telling me to stay until the morning / you know a nigga homeless” this is the type of love that doesn’t take much to be felt.

“These Walls” by Kendrick Lamar Feat. Anna Wise, Thundercat, Bilal – To Pimp A Butterfly

When lyrical wordsmith Kendrick Lamar is mixed with a groovy, neosoul production it leads to the pondering of sex and his existence within life. A track that is layered with so much deep thinking and equal parts rhythm, “These Walls” lets you dance if you don’t want to listen to all the insightfulness and that perfect.

“Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey)” by The Weeknd – Beauty Behind The Madness

The voice of The Weeknd. The subject matter of 50 Shades Of Grey. When you put this on you know what you’re trying to do and know what you’re trying to get into. Nuff Said.

“Porchlight” by Big K.R.I.T Feat. Anthony Hamilton – Live From The Underground

There are 3 artist  you put on when you want to get down like a young man, grown man, and like your granddaddy, those 3 are The Weeknd, Anthony Hamilton, and pastor Al Green. So when the King of the South (look it up), gets Anthony Hamilton on his track about two men not being home because he’s out drug dealing and touring, but when he comes home to see the porch light on its on. You realize that Anthony Hamilton is the only one who can utter the word “Slide up behind you / Say something good to you” and it’s all you need to set that mood.

“The Law” by Ab-Soul Feat. Mac Miller, Rapsody – Do What Thou Wilt.

When listening to Ab-Soul having the rap genius app open is a must and this track is chalk full of metaphors and comparisons for woman that takes a college professor to explain. When you delve into “The Law” and in the context of his woman-centric album you get the gist of what’s going on. Couple the lyrics with the a great hook from Mac Miller and a poetic verse from female rapper Rapsody this is a song that will show the woman in your life that they are your Queen. “Love is the only law”.

“Slow Grind” Tory Lanez Feat. Jacquees – Chixtape 4

Containing a sample of Pretty Ricky’s “Grind With Me”, Tory Lanez takes a 11 year old track and makes it his own by showing off his vocal range and shows why he is one of the premier rapper/singer in the game. The way the beat moves in and out through out the song and how his voice change from normal to auto-tuned will set the mood for the the of night you are trying to have. Checkout the Chixtape 4 for more samples of your favorite 2000s R&B songs, it is worth a listen.

“All Eyez” by The Game Feat. Jeremih – 1992

Assisted by the vocal from Jeremih, The Game gives us a very bouncy, fun song that is out of character from the West Coast Legend. Although this isn’t The Game’s first attempt at this type of woman focused track (he has a lot that have been complete misses), this is one of the few times that the outcome is a very good song and the type you and that someone can just dance to.

“The Need To Know” by Wale Feat. SZA – The Album About Nothing

Taking the inspiration of this track from a conversation from an episode of Seinfeld, which is sampled throughout the song, this track is about being friends with benefits and keeping the relationship just sexual between two friends. Wale showcases some of his best lyrics about how he sees love and how most of us in this generation deals with relationships that start out with no strings attached and how they may develop into something more which some might not know how to handle that situation. SZA takes the spotlight a bit from Wale with her silky smooth vocals.

“Redbone” by Childish Gambino – Awaken, My Love!

The sound of this song is unlike any other, the Bootsy Collins sample and the high pitched vocals by Childish Gambino sets the mood for when it is time to get bodies moving. The way this track is set up it is full of nothing, but 100% sexual feeling and a good way to end your Valentines Evening. That’s the reason this was one of my favorite of 2016.

Playlist link below

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