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For those of you who read my blog there is little content on it and soon I will begin to up the amount of content. So far I have only done album reviews and this will be my first crack at lists so let’s get started.

This list will entail the Top 5 rap artists who need to release their debut albums. The 5 rappers on this list have released many independent projects and mixtapes, some to critical acclaim and the point of this article is not say that these rappers need to have the backing of a label in order to reach to a certain level. The goal is to say some of these rapper need just one more push or the amount of exposure to get them reach the potential they are capable of.

1.Cyhi the Prince

Label: GOOD Music

Notable Info: Cruel Summer Album, Being all over the Kanye West album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as writer and featured artist, 5 time Grammy nominated artist, 2011 XXL Freshman

I start off with the oldest artist on this list at age of 32 and 9 mixtapes under his belt this GOOD Music OG still doesn’t have an actual studio album to show for his work for GOOD Music. After being a huge catalyst and contributor to Kanye’s Magnum Opus MBDTF, along with Kid Cudi, the hip-hop world seemed prime for a Cyhi coming out party and then it vanished. Def Jam continually putting his music on the shelves and after years and years of starting and stopping, the hype that once was there is now gone. Also having to deal with Kanye and GOOD Music putting other artist on (Pusha T, Big Sean) it’s time for Kanye to give Cyhi the backing and spotlight he deserves if not for the immense talent he has, then as a repayment for all Cyhi has done for him.


Label: Interscope

Notable Info: A Goodnight Night In The Ghetto, Being featured on YG’s hit single “Why You Always Hatin?”alongside Drake

Close your eyes for a minute and I want you to imagine a voice and rap prowess that is a mixture of Too Short and Missy Elliot. You don’t have to imagine too hard there is a rap artist just like that and she is out of the Bay Area and ready to set the hip-hop world a blaze. In 2016 female rapper Young MA blew up the charts with the single “Ooouuu” and was featured in many of the year end lists and considered one of the hottest MCs in the game. While out in Oakland 21 year old Kamaiyah released A Goodnight Night In The Ghetto which has garnered critical acclaim and seen as one of the best mixtapes of 2016. The mixtape is set up as a powerful mixture of fun, introspective thought, and sex. Not sex in the sense of Nicki Minaj or Lil Kim, in the sense of knowing what you want, but not using it to sell who you are. Although she didn’t receive the media attention she deserved and she has received respect and now it it her time to reach the next level with the backing of Interscope she can ascend the ranks of female artists and wear the crown that is honestly there for the taking.

3. A$AP Nast

Label: ASAP Worldwide

Notable Info: Featured Artist on Cozy Tapes Vol. 1: Friends album, Lords Never Worry mixtape, single “Trillmatic”, featured on A$AP Rocky’s “Trilla”

For the whole don’t know the A$AP Mob and the seemingly hundreds of members, they are this generations Wu-Tang clan. Led by patriarch A$AP Rocky, the whole A$AP Mob skills and talent have taken the hip-hop world by storm since they’ve arrived on the scene. A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg are the most well known of the group, but if dig deeper you will realize that there is far more talent in the Mob and one stand out is Raspy, A$AP Nast. Starting out flowing on his cousin Rocky’s Live, Love, A$AP mixtape you were able to see that Nast has the lyrics and flow so unique that he will be able to make a splash just like his counterpart Rocky and Ferg. After releasing “Trillmatic” a single from the canceled A$AP Mob album, in 2016 he was heard all over the Cozy Tapes Vol 1: Friends album and continued to show that he is hungrier than ever and ready to take that next step as seen on his solo song from that album “Nasty’s World”. Give him the time and regular A$AP feature and I feel he has the skills to have a stand alone album and take over the number 2 spot in the Mob.

4.Dave East

Label: Def Jam

Notable Info: Kairi Chanel mixtape, 2016 XXL Freshman

Coming out of East Harlem, Dave East is ready to take the place of New York rappers that came before. After listening to his 2016 mixtape Kairi Chanelwhich was met with critical acclaim, you are able to see that Dave East is the next in line. With a mixtape full of vivid story telling and lyrical, as seen in the single “Kiesha”, skill you get a prelude of things to come. You are able to hear the different inspirations and nods to New York greats of the past, you can hear sprinkles of B.I.G and Cam’ron mixed with a flow that is all his own. Sources say that he getting ready to release a studio album that will be Executive Produced by Nas and with a little refinement of his skills and production choices Dave East can take the hip-hop world by storm.

5.Chance The Rapper

Label: Independent

Notable Info: Critically acclaimed mixtapes Acid Rap Coloring Book, Nominated for 7 Grammys in 2017, 2014 XXL Freshman

If there is one person in hip-hop who doesn’t need a label or backing to get into the mainstream it is Lil Chano From 79th. coming on to the scene with his mixtape Acid Rap, you were able to see that he was different from anything you’ve heard before and there was potential for a star to be. Then 2016 hits and Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo is released and you hear Chance on “Ultralight Beam” and you can just hear his influence in through out the album. When Kanye announced that it was going to be a gospel rap album that was the moment you realized that Chance was going to have a lot of say in the album because he is the face of the gospel rap sound. Then months later after hitting the mainstream and the co-sign of Yeezus himself Chance released Coloring Book which drove everyone in hip-hop insane and made him the first rapper to have a mixtape nominated for best rap album at the Grammys. He has proven that he can do it all on his own, but just imagine how grand and amazing would a studio album be with having the resources to make one of the greatest debut albums of all time. He is already apart of the hip-hop elite and it is time for him to have his own masterpiece that will solidify him as one of the greats.


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